100 Bookish Things

Here is kind of a challenge to list 100 Bookish things or opinions about me. I imagine it will take some effort but here goes.


1. I've always been a good reader (since before I started school)

2. I was reading adult non-fiction when I was 6/7 because kid dinosaur books were too childish

3. I started Harry Potter after I watched the first movie when I was 6

4. But I never fully read the series until last year

5. Goblet of Fire is my favourite book

6. But Chamber of Secrets is my favourite movie

7. Roald Dahl was my favourite author when I was in primary school

8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the book I finished by him

9. The Little Princess was the first book I remember finishing.

10. Until middle school, I always remember having trouble with finishing books.

11. Now I have to finish or a book or it will drive me up the wall. (even if I hate it)

12. I do not feel the same way about a series.

13. I like my series to be in all the same editions

14. I tend to wait till a series is finished before I start it

15. A Song of Ice and Fire is the big exception because I was so afraid of spoilers from people who watch the show.

16. I had the whole of Book One spoiled for me, but I didn't mind that much.

17. Other than that spoiler, I despise spoilers and will literally disown friends for it

18. A friend in high school ruined Jane Eyre for me, that I stopped reading it

19. I still want to read Jane Eyre because it is such a good story 

20. I haven't read as many classics as I would like to have read

21. I haven't read Frankenstien

22. I loved Dracula way more than I expected to.

23. I haven't read any Dickens

24. Though I read a children's version of Great Expectations when I was 10/11

25. I started Great Expectations in 2011 but haven't picked it back up

26. I've read all the Grimms Fairy Tales 

27. I haven't completed one Sherlock Holmes tale

28. I picked up Alice in Wonderland probably 5-6 times in my life and I can never remember finishing it.

29. I loved the Series of Unfortunate Events

30. But I only read about 5 or 6 of them.

31. Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure books are what got me into the horror genre.

32. I wanted more advanced books to read when I was a kid

33. My uncle suggested Stephen King but my mum told me I couldn't because she didn't want to deal with my nightmares

34. Since then I remembered Stephen King and wanted to read his stuff and get freaked out.

35. My first King was The Shining and I read it in 2012.

36. It didn't scare me

37. But I was surprised by how much I enjoyed and admired King's writing

38. I read Carrie straight afterwards

39. I also decided that I wanted to read everything he had ever written.

40. Goes without saying, Stephen King is my favourite author.

41. The Dark Tower series is my favourite thing I've ever read. I'm obsessed.

42. I got the Dark Tower series in matching paperbacks as an anniversary present and incidentally we broke up soon after; I like to think I scored well.

43. I've read 18 Stephen King books, with #19 soon to follow

44. I own 40 Stephen King books

45. Eddie is my favourite Stephen King character (Dark Tower)

46. The ending of the Dark Tower put me into a coma, not literally, but I can't stop thinking about it and trying to analyse it.

47. I haven't read It 

48. or Misery but I want to this year.

49. I own two copies of the Gunslinger.

50. Insomnia was so much better than expected.

51. One Hundred Years of Solitude was an instant favourite.

52. The Passage was the first book I bought on my first kindle.

53. I now own the hardcover.

54. I've read it twice.

55. I haven't read the Twelve because I'm waiting for the third book to come out

56. It is my favourite post-apocalyptic series.

57. Allegiant was a great book and the ending, although heart-breaking, was good

58. I loved the Uglies series

59. I didn't like Mockingjay.

60. I've read the Twilight series more than once.

61. But I don't own them anymore.

62. The movies sucked.

63. I hated the Shining movie. 

64. Les Miserables is one of my favourite books

65. and I own two copies of it

67. War and Peace wasn't as long as I thought it would be.

68. plus it was really good.

69. I will read from literally any genre

70. I tend to not judge books too seriously and can be really open minded.

71. I like weird books

72. I really didn't like Blood Meridian

73. I like to randomly tell people in bookstores which books I like.

74. I first read the Book Thief in 2009

75. and fell in love.

76. I will never be over Rudy.

77. Oddly, I don't own a copy of it.

78. Sometimes I prefer reading on my kindle than physical books, just because it's easier to hold. (aka I'm lazy)

79. Sometime telling me that they didn't like a book won't completely deter me if I want to read it.

80. I love books with illustrations

81. My favourite genre is probably fantasy or literary fiction.

82. I shamefully haven't read the Lord of the Rings

83. I have read the Hobbit and absolutely loved it

84. If I listen to an album for the first time (on repeat) whilst reading a book, the songs will remind me of the book. (eg I listened to only Bastille while reading the HP series, now whenever I listen to Bastille I think about HP)

85. I only listen to music while reading to block out other noises (bus, loud house)

86. Otherwise, I prefer complete silence.

87. Sometimes I procrastinate reading.

88. I like/enjoy reorganising my bookshelves.

89. I currently have my books ordered in alphabetical order by title.

90. I can't understand not having some kind of order to a bookshelf

91. I wish I could read faster

92. or at least had more time to read

93. I've never read Terry Pratchett and this makes me sad.

94. The oldest unread book on my shelf is about 2 years old.

95. 2 years ago I had literally no books in my room

96. I only used the library

97. because I couldn't afford books and I read too fast for it to be reasonable.

98. I have somewhere around 100-160 unread books on both my shelf and kindle (unsure)

99. I think YA can be a little overrated at times and I wish that I knew more people who read outside YA.

100. I shocked myself (and family and friends) when I set out to read 25 books last year but instead read 124.


Hopefully I haven't numbered it wrong. But I did it. Didn't take me too long. Maybe challenge to think of 100 bookish things about you.