Reading progress update: I've read 463 out of 664 pages.

Lisey's Story - Stephen King

Just making an update before I jump into bed. I will probably read more before I go to sleep but this is where I'm up to now. It's been a good reading day since I've been stuck around the 200 page mark for about a week. I wouldn't say that it's a slow book just that I haven't had time to read which is making it feel like a slow read. It is really good and at several points today I've been completely engrossed and on edge. My heart struggling to keep calm and all that jazz. Stephen King just gets me every time, even with books of his that I wouldn't consider his greatest. 

Well, today's portion of reading has been stressful. There's been so many timelines happening at once and every single one of them has been life or death (or just very serious flashbacks). It was a struggle to put it down to try and get some work done. 

My goal is to try, let me reiterate TRY, and finish this tomorrow. But it is quite unlikely since I have uni and a dentist appointment. I will try though. I've been on this book too long for my liking.