dutch - Jamie Christian Desplaces This novella took me on the soul-searching and poetic journey of two brothers, Zak and Daniel, who have severely complicated lives due to two accidents that happened when they were children.

I was sucked into Zak's life and I knew I wouldn't be let go until I saw it to the end. The story jumps around a bit, switching from the memories of his childhood, his therapy sessions and his journey through Hong Kong. Zak's life is kinda of hectic and he seems lost. He lives his life with no apparent meaning which I reckon is what made this story so easy to connect with. Not that I live my life with absolutely no meaning, but the desire to seek meaning is present, to some extent, in all of us.

His consistent conflict with life had me gripped, but it was the execution that took a hold of me. I got lost in the words that Zak used to describe his life. The writing was gloriously elegant and showed perfectly how he would be thinking/processing things. It really was beautiful. I did have a little trouble at first getting into this different style of writing but it wasn't long before I had the hang of it and was really enjoying it.

One element I especially loved was the blacked out mirrors to hide his physical reflection. I thought that this really showed how well executed this story was told.

The overall story was dark but not overbearing which made it easy for me to jump straight into. I would definitely recommend this to pretty much everyone because I feel like it is quite accessible. His cocaine addiction and attempts at his own life may be triggering to some readers though.

I found this novella incredibly intriguing and I am quite interested to see what seem Jamie comes up with.