Divergent  - Veronica Roth First thoughts.... WOW! This book is on edge. It seems to never settle down. Something captivating is always happening. I honestly couldn't put it down.
Beatrice's (or Tris)character is what immediately drew me in. She was so interesting; continually fighting with what was right and what was herself. This mental conflict that she has to deal with after finding out she is Divergent is thrilling.
This doesn't begin to involve all the challenges she is faced with when she decides to leave her family behind and become a Dauntless.
Throughout each stage, my heart was racing. I felt like I could reflect with her even though her situation was unlike anything I've ever had to deal with. My heart when it got to the parts with her and Four ('Tobias') especially in his fear landscape.
After her mother comes to visit her, I thought that the request to seek out her brother would have occurred quicker than it did because that seemed to be the beginnings of this revolution that Erudite was attempting to create. Even though this wasn't a massive section of the novel, it was fast paced and exciting and I can only hope for the same in Insurgent.

Final comments are that I fell in love with this book almost immediately as I spent the first night reading it up to 3am. I thought that the ending could've been enhanced with more dramatic descriptions but all in all, this book is unspeakably awe-inspiring.