Cloud Atlas: A Novel

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell I thought that this book showed the capabilities of what an author can achieve. Mitchell didn't just place his characters into settings, he created settings and re-imagined language. This aspect of the novel is what intrigued me the most.
Each individual plot line had me hooked. I wanted to read the second halves so badly. I don't think I can pick a favourite storyline because I believe that each section would have made great novels separately.

I guess this is where I have my problem with Cloud Altas, I wish it had more connections throughout it. There was a great connection from Somni to Slooshes but that was pretty much it. The only connections were the stories left behind in all different forms of information. I had expected some kind of relative connections or reincarnated connections that were uncovered through the finding of the other stories. I just think there could of been more. The book felt more like a collection of short stories than a fully connected novel. It felt disconnected.

Overall, (even though it says 4 stars) its more of a 3.5 because of the problem I had with it. All in all, a great read.