Inferno - Dan Brown A Robert Langdon novel is like the craziest roller coaster you can imagine. I couldn't put this book down because every moment was exciting.

Inferno, follows the story of Robert Langdon after he wakes up in a Florentine hospital with no memories of the last two days. He is then thrown into a world of assassin followed chases and a threat of a worldwide plague that could be as catastrophic as the Black Plague. He has to use his knowledge of Dante's greatest work, The Divine Comedy to unravel the puzzle and try and save the world from sudden outbreak.

Like I said, this book was fast pace and really easy to jump into. Something was always happening and I just wanted to know what would happen next.

In terms of overall plot, I just loved the characters (Zobrist and Sienna Brooks being my favourites) and the content the novel produced. The mixture of history and science information that is presented in this novel makes for an incredibly interesting and immerse read.

These books are super fun to read and anyone could just pick it up and be thrown onto the roller coaster of Langdon's adventure. Would recommend to everyone.