Crash (Visions)

Crash - Lisa McMann This book had promise, but for me, it was unfulfilled potential. The central idea for the novel was about a girl who has a vision about a car crash and after it not going away she realises it must be true; so she tries to stop it, without looking insane.

The reason she tries so hard to stop it is because in one of the nine body bags she sees as a result of the crash, the face of her childhood crush is present. She still has feelings for this guy and she believes that if her vision is true that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't try to save him.

See, the premise seems quite interesting, but it was the execution where this book had it's downfall. The writing was simplistic and didn't seem to suit the story very well. The plot was undeveloped and lacked depth. It all just kind of happened with no reason why. I just felt like her character could've been developed further and maybe a background of why she is having this vision. Is it due to a mental illness(this is implied throughout the book but it seems unlikely or at least wasn't explained fully) or some kind of power she has? I think it could've improved if her "power" had more of an impact in the storytelling. For example when she asks her Psych teacher about psychic abilities being linked to mental illness and he says to do some research. That kind of research would've enriched the story and made it more interesting. Also if she had more than one vision, like she had tiny visions about small incidents like tripping on the ice on SuperBowl Sunday. For me, the story was developed enough and it is the reason why I didn't like it too much; it was kind of average.