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My name is Elizabeth and whenever I can get the time, I'm reading. I am 18 and living in Australia. I am currently at university studying law. I blog a lot, probably more than I read, which is saying something. I pretty much will read all genres but my favourites are horror, dystopian and literature. I have troubles keeping to book buying bans and my TBR pile will always be unmanageable.

Crash (Visions)

Crash - Lisa McMann This book had promise, but for me, it was unfulfilled potential. The central idea for the novel was about a girl who has a vision about a car crash and after it not going away she realises it must be true; so she tries to stop it, without looking insane.

The reason she tries so hard to stop it is because in one of the nine body bags she sees as a result of the crash, the face of her childhood crush is present. She still has feelings for this guy and she believes that if her vision is true that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't try to save him.

See, the premise seems quite interesting, but it was the execution where this book had it's downfall. The writing was simplistic and didn't seem to suit the story very well. The plot was undeveloped and lacked depth. It all just kind of happened with no reason why. I just felt like her character could've been developed further and maybe a background of why she is having this vision. Is it due to a mental illness(this is implied throughout the book but it seems unlikely or at least wasn't explained fully) or some kind of power she has? I think it could've improved if her "power" had more of an impact in the storytelling. For example when she asks her Psych teacher about psychic abilities being linked to mental illness and he says to do some research. That kind of research would've enriched the story and made it more interesting. Also if she had more than one vision, like she had tiny visions about small incidents like tripping on the ice on SuperBowl Sunday. For me, the story was developed enough and it is the reason why I didn't like it too much; it was kind of average.


Linked - Imogen Howson Wow. I didn't really know what to expect from this book but I got surprised with how fast-paced and awesome this book was. The concept was brilliant and was immediately what got me excited and intrigued about the novel.

Linked is about Elissa and how she finds out that she has a Spare (aka Twin) who was taken by the government for experiments at birth. Her parents were made to forget/lie but it becomes obvious to her Dad when she hits puberty and starts experiencing "hallucinations" which are really just flashes, through a telepathic link, to the inhumane experiments that are happening to her twin sister. These hallucinations are destroying Elissa's life because she is consistently in pain because of them. It is not till after she's been signed up for a brain surgery appointment that she realises that they aren't hallucinations and that the person she sees through is real and needs her help. After meeting each other for the first time, Elissa's life gets turned upside as the attempt to get "Lin" away from the government and find safety.

It is a wild ride from the get-go because Lin is a bit of wild-card because she immediately lacks empathy for anyone other than Elissa. Elissa has to try and teach Lin that not everyone deserves her wrath. I found this transition for Lin to go through was particularly interesting because she has spent her whole life being told that she isn't human and to try and change her viewpoint on the world and other people is incredibly realistic and a central point of stress for Elissa throughout the book.

The relationship between Cadan and Elissa is incredibly interesting because there is a lot of background there. I'm glad of the direction it took and that it wasn't some pointless YA romance that was slotted into the book for the sake of it.

As a twin myself, it was weird and interesting to try and imagine myself or my sister being viewed as non-human or a clone just because we were born at the same time and look alike. I don't share any telepathic link with my sister but it sure is interesting to read about those kind of connections. I find that a lot of other stories I read about twins are quite pathetic because they cast twins as being fully compatible and as a twin, this is so false. I'm glad that the relationship between Elissa and Lin was as complicated as any sister's relationship. It definitely helped to relate more to the situation (not that I can really relate to fleeing from a government that is trying to kill me and my sister.)

Overall, I don't have anything bad to say about this book except that it was released in June this year and I'm going to have to wait awhile to complete the series. This book is also Imogen Howson's debut novel and since it was so excellent, I'm quite excited to see more from her.


Unwind - Neal Shusterman This was really good. It dealt with the harsh reality of these kids situations so elegantly. It was practically poetically philosophical. I'm am very interested to read more in this series.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz Oh I adored this. It was so beautiful

The Magpies

The Magpies - Mark Edwards More like 4.5 stars.

This book was awesome. So glad I decided to pick it up. Psychological thrillers are wonderful if executed well and Mark Edwards did it fantastically. Can't wait to read more of his novels.

Insurgent (Divergent)

Insurgent - Veronica Roth The ending.... oh my what an ending!
This just jumps into the story and just keeps going like a marathon runner being chased by a dinosaur which is then being chased by a stampede.

There isn't a restless moment. Roth just keeps you going. I didn't want to stop reading.

The ending.
I don't know how I'm going to survive waiting for the sequel.
I have never wanted to a sequel more than this.
Keep it up Veronica.


Divergent  - Veronica Roth First thoughts.... WOW! This book is on edge. It seems to never settle down. Something captivating is always happening. I honestly couldn't put it down.
Beatrice's (or Tris)character is what immediately drew me in. She was so interesting; continually fighting with what was right and what was herself. This mental conflict that she has to deal with after finding out she is Divergent is thrilling.
This doesn't begin to involve all the challenges she is faced with when she decides to leave her family behind and become a Dauntless.
Throughout each stage, my heart was racing. I felt like I could reflect with her even though her situation was unlike anything I've ever had to deal with. My heart when it got to the parts with her and Four ('Tobias') especially in his fear landscape.
After her mother comes to visit her, I thought that the request to seek out her brother would have occurred quicker than it did because that seemed to be the beginnings of this revolution that Erudite was attempting to create. Even though this wasn't a massive section of the novel, it was fast paced and exciting and I can only hope for the same in Insurgent.

Final comments are that I fell in love with this book almost immediately as I spent the first night reading it up to 3am. I thought that the ending could've been enhanced with more dramatic descriptions but all in all, this book is unspeakably awe-inspiring.

A Monster Calls. Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay Oh my lord! This book took me by surprise. I sure wasn't expecting this book to make me cry. I just picked it up and couldn't put it down. Just, it was perfect. I literally can ask for nothing more from a book than what A Monster Calls provides. I honestly went into this book thinking it was going to be creepy and awesome. I got the awesome part, but in the wrong sense. It's execution and way of dealing with Conor's situation was a masterpiece. I began the story confused to the intentions of the yew tree monster but the truth grew to fruition as the story progressed. I loved the stories he told especially the invisible man.
I just, don't think I have the right amount of words to express how I feel about this book. Boy am I grateful that I decided to pick this up. I've never been so happy from an off-chance purchase.
Would recommend to absolutely everyone. Everyone in the entire world.

Song of Susannah

Song of Susannah  - Stephen King And the Tower is closer...

Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower)

Wolves of the Calla  - Stephen King The fucking ending!!!!!! JEEBUS!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


dutch - Jamie Christian Desplaces This novella took me on the soul-searching and poetic journey of two brothers, Zak and Daniel, who have severely complicated lives due to two accidents that happened when they were children.

I was sucked into Zak's life and I knew I wouldn't be let go until I saw it to the end. The story jumps around a bit, switching from the memories of his childhood, his therapy sessions and his journey through Hong Kong. Zak's life is kinda of hectic and he seems lost. He lives his life with no apparent meaning which I reckon is what made this story so easy to connect with. Not that I live my life with absolutely no meaning, but the desire to seek meaning is present, to some extent, in all of us.

His consistent conflict with life had me gripped, but it was the execution that took a hold of me. I got lost in the words that Zak used to describe his life. The writing was gloriously elegant and showed perfectly how he would be thinking/processing things. It really was beautiful. I did have a little trouble at first getting into this different style of writing but it wasn't long before I had the hang of it and was really enjoying it.

One element I especially loved was the blacked out mirrors to hide his physical reflection. I thought that this really showed how well executed this story was told.

The overall story was dark but not overbearing which made it easy for me to jump straight into. I would definitely recommend this to pretty much everyone because I feel like it is quite accessible. His cocaine addiction and attempts at his own life may be triggering to some readers though.

I found this novella incredibly intriguing and I am quite interested to see what seem Jamie comes up with.

A War of Gifts: An Ender Story (Ender Wiggin Saga)

A War of Gifts - Orson Scott Card A Christmas special for Ender's Game haha twas pretty good

Ender's Shadow (Ender, Book 5)

Ender's Shadow - Orson Scott Card Absolutely amazing. I love this world and the characters are just so great. Bean is my favourite and I can't wait to read more stories with him as the protagonist. AHHH SO GOOD!!!

Ender's Game (Ender, Book 1)

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card This book is so amazing. Honestly, I didn't want it to end and I'm so glad there is a heap of sequels to keep me happy (for awhile at least).

Ender's Game is about Ender Wiggin and how he was practically forced into being a commander for Earth against the "evil" Buggers. The way he was ultimately controlled was horrifying but such an interesting read. I wanted to know if he would be okay after it all. I wanted him to be okay.

The other characters in this were just so intriguing, especially Valentine and Peter. Freaking Peter scared me with how crazy he was and the fact that he found a plan to gain ultimate power in Earth. The relationship between Valentine and Peter was shaky and so interesting.

The ending, got me. I wasn't expecting it and I was as shocked at Ender was. I felt like curling up in ball and being angry at everyone because they just didn't give Ender a break. And to think he was so young.

This is an amazing book and I will never regret picking it up and reading it. I absolutely loved it. I recommend it to everyone.

The Hobbit (part 1 and 2)

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said?

I absolutely loved it. Bilbo was just such an amazing character and I loved following his adventures.

I'd put off this book for almost a year and I really wish I hadn't. I think it is a glorious story and it will be a classic that stands the ultimate test of time.

I think my favourite scene from this book was Bilbo's encounter with Gollum. It was so intriguing with all the riddling.

I love the world building. The different kinds of creatures. Trolls, goblins, elves, wargs, giant eagles and not to forget Smaug. Also I feel that hobbits are the most adorable and creative little race of Tolkien's imagination.

Reading this has really sparked my interest/motivation to finally delve into the Lord of the Rings series. Halfway through this book I stopped and ordered the Return of the King and the Two Towers since I only own Fellowship of the Ring. I may not get around to it this year but I am very excited to read more about Hobbits and extent of Tolkien's creativity.

Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower)

The Drawing of the Three  - Stephen King This is just soooo good :)